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Made with no hidden nasties and the purest Cornish Spring Water, Jolly’s is a real crowd-pleaser.  Our mission is to quench thirst the Cornish way, allowing your customers to reminisce about unforgettable summer Cornish memories, spent with Jolly’s. Passionate about sustainability, our range is both plastic and glass free. Whether you want something for your customers to take out or Cornish bubbles to create the perfect serve, we’ve got you covered.

We partner with restaurants, cafes, hotels and tourist venues around the UK so everyone can enjoy a refreshing sip of Jolly’s.

Our Range

Can Care

Made at Jolly’s HQ, we put all of our love and Cornish cheer into production. Want to keep your Jolly’s cans in the best condition? Follow these simple steps.

Once you receive your cans, it is important for your cans to be stored correctly to keep them fresh and in the best condition.

Boxes should be stacked and stored where you are able to guarantee good air circulation.

Store your cans in a cool environment to ensure the product can remain fresh, if the atmosphere is warm, place the cans in a chiller.

To check the best-before date, simply look through the hole at the bottom of the box. Ensure stock is rotated correctly according to the product.

Tasting sessions/training

At Jolly’s we offer personalised tasting sessions, we will bring our set-up along with stock to your venue and offer your customers tastings of the drinks. Not only do our tasting sessions raise awareness of the SKUs stocked and help introduce a new line, but they also have proven to increase sales for our retailers by record amounts.

The tasting sessions allow your customers to get to know Jolly’s team and hear the fantastic story behind the brand.

Our heritage is a story worth telling, not only do we care about our amazing drinks but also about bringing together and enhancing communities, this is why we love meeting your new and returning customers!

As well as customer tastings we also offer staff training, this can be with a spirit partner or simply the Jolly’s team. Learn all about our production and the quality ingredients that go into making the drinks.


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